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Welcoming incoming freshmen: Eighth Grade Information Night

On the night of Jan. 26, Associated Student Body (ASB) and the school administration hosted the annual 8th Grade Information Night to introduce prospective Chargers to the school. As the next academic year approaches, schools across the country prepare for graduations, introductions and welcoming ceremonies. Students and parents filed into the gym on Jan. 26 […]

Chargers give blood in annual drive

Throughout the school day on Thursday, Jan. 26, students occupied the school’s media center, waiting patiently to donate blood in the school’s blood drive. The school’s Red Cross club members began by escorting students through the room and ensuring that students felt comfortable. American Red Cross volunteers then assisted each donor through the donation process […]

Showcasing talent: the annual Talent Show

As students settled down in their seats, the cafeteria lights dimmed and voices quieted down. The curtains on the stage parted, revealing the first act of the show. All eyes were on Sophomore Alyssa Huang as she began her intricate tap dance performance to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” On Thursday, Feb. 9, 152 students and parents […]

Looking back at Valentine’s Day traditions

The teacher passes the flowers, cards and candy out to the respective recipients. The student smile, opens the card and laughs at the cheesy pickup line written on it. It is officially Valentine’s Day, one of the few holidays that divide the school into two groups: in a relationship or not in a relationship. Valentine’s […]

SVCTE: teaching technical skills

As a student with a strong interest in video production, Senior Aidan Bates struggled to find in-depth film courses at school that would prepare him to pursue his career. He turned to Silicon Valley Career Technical Education’s (SVCTE) Film and Video Production course to take advantage of the facilities’ equipment and teachers with video industry […]

Bridging high school and college

In her college years, Sophomore Prerna Agarwal would like to double major in political science and business. However, she often feels frustrated with the required courses at high school. “Since [high school] helps determine career paths, such a large amount of required courses without the opportunity to take other courses to explore our interests [is […]