The Almaden anxiety

Tackling the symptoms of an obsession with success I was surrounded by a loving family from the moment I was born, and I am currently reflecting on my life in a hot bath while a Pamplemousse La Croix and chocolate covered strawberries keep me company. I have done just about nothing to deserve it, yet I lead a life of privilege. Almaden Valley, in all its $1.5-million-dollar-median-home- value glory, offers up a pretty inarguably high quality of life, but economic stability and accessible education does not necessarily make this an idyllic Eden for the students living here. This was clear … Continue reading The Almaden anxiety

Racial equality throughout the years

Throughout the last fifty years, views on racial issues have evolved and racial equality has become a more preserved value in the country. In the 1960s, many began to challenge previously accepted ideas of institutional racism, as reflected in San Jose Unified School District’s (SJUSD) decision to integrate its schools. The Charger Account articles published in the 1960s illustrate a divide between today and the world of the past. The school dealt with race related issues through discussion and exposure to other perspectives. Opinions concerning race were increasingly challenged as African American guest speakers Jim Stanton, Jim Scannell, Mike Martronardi … Continue reading Racial equality throughout the years

Quotebox: Looking at racial equality today, how far have we come, and how far do we have to go?

“Considering where we were before, we have come a long way. There has been some sign of regression, such as an upkick in anti semitic threats. The ultimate question, however, is whether we are more racist nowadays, or are more people more comfortable in showing their bigotry. Bigotry stems from ignorance, so in order to fix the situation, education is the best solution.” –Mark Cahn, Department of Science “When my parents were born, mixed race marriage was illegal in this country. It is amazing to me to think that a time when American laws would have told a white woman … Continue reading Quotebox: Looking at racial equality today, how far have we come, and how far do we have to go?

Quotebox: Will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

“I do not want to talk about it.”—Freshman Kendra Landi “I celebrate Valentine’s Day for the deals at Safeway on Valentine’s Day chocolate.”—Sophomore Tiffany Xiang “No I don’t celebrate the holiday, because it reminds me of how single I am.”—Sophomore Alicia Pak “Yes, I will celebrate this holiday, because I want to show love for my family and friends.”—Junior Rojeen Farkhoor “Of course, it is a good excuse to eat chocolate.”—Senior Emerald Yeh “Yes, I am going to sit in my house in my Disney pajamas and bright blue fuzzy North Face and eat lactose-free ice cream by myself.”—Senior Sarah Jamieson Continue reading Quotebox: Will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Looking back at Valentine’s Day traditions

The teacher passes the flowers, cards and candy out to the respective recipients. The student smile, opens the card and laughs at the cheesy pickup line written on it. It is officially Valentine’s Day, one of the few holidays that divide the school into two groups: in a relationship or not in a relationship. Valentine’s Day at the school has developed from being a holiday exclusively celebrated among couples to a celebration that incorporates the entire student body and faculty. Heart-shaped pieces of candy accompanied with cards–known as “Valentine’s Day grams”–are sold to students and sent to their significant others … Continue reading Looking back at Valentine’s Day traditions